Insights Four Your Future

Hey, gang!

Don’t look now, but we are down to just four days. T-minus 90-some-odd hours, and we can ready the celebration. We’ll be like the ancients must have surely been, joyous over the promise of tomorrow.

Before we go there, though, let’s talk some number four and the mystery surrounding tarot cards.

When things are stable in your life, expect to see some cards with the number four on them in your Tarot reading. Yes, number four denotes stability and consistency – in love, in dreams, and it relates directly to the four seasons across the earth. And even better, when your reading features a “4,” you are given full responsibility for your behavior. Translated, I think, that means you can create/give life to your own destiny.

Pretty cool, huh?

If you draw tarot 4, you will eventually become a peaceful soul, confident in your ability to manage inconsistencies. And as for matters of the heart, like the Coasters sang nearly 50 years ago in their novelty hit “Love Potion #9,”  (providing us with relationship advice, courtesy of Madam Ruth, the mysterious gypsy with gold-capped tooth) our hopeful thoughts will provide us with comforting security or emotional bonding.

And lastly, this emotional bonding equates to solid ground vs. the uncertainty and
impending danger of an angry sea.

So, when you next find yourself in a tarot reading, start channeling #4. What’s to lose?

Wishing you a good night, my friends.

Dream dreams of sunny skies and rising mercury.



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