It’s That Time Again!

Greetings, mesdames and messieurs!

Welcome to the 4th annual Winter Solstice Countdown.

As a friend of mine recently said, “So, how much does it suck to eat lunch at sunset?!”

Well, hopefully it’s not quite that bad. (Not yet anyway!)

For those of you who are joining us for the first time, it’s great to have you as part of the countdown. Just follow the numbers as we count down from 30. We’ll go from Day 30 all the way to Day 1, heading for 21 December and the flip of the earth’s axis when daylight starts to slowly return. Winter Solstice 2023 is already within shouting distance, my friends, and we’re ‘gonna get there together.

As for our returning readers, welcome back to our shared solstice adventure. I missed all of you, and I’m very psyched to start things back up again.

As I know I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m really focused on making this as interactive as possible, so I hope I can count on you guys to send me any thoughts and ideas. (Just email me on the CONTACT ME page, text me, etc.)

Sure, I’ll steer us through and will do my best to keep you entertained and focused on reaching our shared goal, but none of this works without all of you. So, please check in daily on Facebook, Linkedin and, of course, here on for the latest.

Again, it’s my honor to be with you guys. So, let’s start the clock on our latest adventure.

Before you know it, Day 30 will morph into Day 29 (yep, just in time for turkey (-:), and we’ll be off to the races from there.

Let the countdown begin.


@Copyright 2023 by John L. Fischer

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