Pinging Our Way Towards 2021

Hi again, all.

Just want to put a quick capper on our shared adventure of the last month or so.

Knowing we’re all here, trying to slug it out together, makes it a little
more bearable – and hopefully even a little fun, too.

For what it’s worth, I always prefer to live for the moment, but if looking forward to things – no matter how insignificant they may seem – helps you deal, make sure
you do it!

So, when we all get to ring the bell to start 2021 a little while from now, I’d like you to consider channeling that fleet-footed, jack-rabbit-of-a lawman you see pictured here.

For those of you who may remember shows like Ricochet Rabbit and some of his Hanna-Barbera buddies (characters like Magilla Gorilla, Peter Potamus, and a few years later, The Wacky Races, featuring Penelope Pitstop), somehow, they always gave us reasons to celebrate.

Sure, I’m tongue and ‘cheeking this a bit, but when the aforementioned Ricochet Rabbit made his move (which was often!), he’d cry out, “Ping, ping, ping!” He’d then be on
his way to protect the cartoon burg of Hoop-n-Holler from any and all unrest, artfully bouncing off every object in his path.

Thanks to his incredible speed and agility, he quickly became known as the fastest sheriff in the West. Outrunning the bad guys and their bullets, while firing back with his own barrage (consisting of ammo that would morph into the shape of an oversized mallet, striking the unsuspecting bandits right in the noggin), he’d basically overwhelm his enemies, using pure energy and zeal.

Hey, if we believe that anything is possible these days, can’t we all do that, too?! If we really take stock in the idea that attitude is everything – or nearly everything – I figure we have little to lose.

So, stay strong, stay ready, celebrate our new-found daylight, and remember one very important thing: We ‘got this!



July, 2019
Triple-A baseball game,
Syracuse, NY

“Simple pleasures are the last healthy refuge in a complex world.” – Oscar Wilde


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