Remembering Edwin Starr

I know it’s ‘gotta be a different one for a lot of us, but for what it’s worth, my girls and I are thinking of each of you today. I know it has been a tough go, but hopefully today can somehow point us in the right direction and be the beginning of something new.

And speaking of new, it’s a new day for the countdown, featuring#25. So, let’s harken all the way back to 1969, and put our spotlight on the late great Edwin Starr.

Famous for hits like “Agent Double O Soul” (1968) “Stop Her on Sight” (1968) and later for “War” (1970) (arguably his biggest hit), the talented Mr. Starr also came up with the now-classic “Twenty-Five Miles.”

Chronicling his all-out, break-neck, 25-mile journey to reunite with his lady love, Starr offered a desperate, yet mythically romantic mad-dash-of-a message that still holds up today – some 50+ years after he recorded it.

We miss you Edwin, but we won’t forget you, man!

Enjoy your turkey today gang, and keep those romantic journeys top of mind.
Someone on the other end of things is counting on you!

See ‘ya tomorrow, gang.

PS If you don’t know who E. Starr is – or the song – please take a minute out to hunt it down
online. It has been used in a number of movies and commercials, and I bet you’ll recognize it!

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