Remembering the Green Mountain Boys of the Pacific Fleet

Evening, gang.

And Happy Just Two Weeks Left to go.

Like all of you guys, I’m really excited about how close we are to the shared goal.

But given what today commemorates, please join me in saluting those who were lost all those years ago.

And in keeping with the countdown, let’s honor some of the men of Vermont, our 14th state.

You’d probably have to do some hard thinking, as they say, to envision two U.S. states less alike than Hawaii and Vermont: Hawaii with its native Loulu palm trees and its crystal clear ocean water and Vermont with its famed Green Mountains and large network of lakes
and rivers.

But that day, now just shy of 80 years ago, some of those Green Mountain men, turned U.S. sailors of the Pacific Fleet, were lost. And for each of them, those brave souls who found themselves a half a world away from home on that fateful Sunday morning, 7 December, 1941, let’s please take a moment out to recognize and honor them for making the
ultimate sacrifice.

For these six men and the more than 2,400 military personal and civilians who were lost, let’s make sure that we pledge to enjoy the simple things that sadly, were taken from them all too soon.

Brainerd Allen Andrews
Jerry Angelich
Myron Alonzo Brophy III
Rennie V. Brower Jr.
Benjamin Lee Brown
Charles Darling Brown

Make it a good week everyone.

And let’s keep our fallen heroes in our hearts.





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