Traffic and Weather on the Eights

Hello, all!

So, what shall we talk about today?

Not sure about you guys, but in the words of Rocky Balboa (yes, in the first movie), “I could go for some music.”

And speaking of music and radio and even traffic and weather, if you know New York City area radio, you know that news-oriented stations usually provide traffic and weather reports every 10 minutes. (Like WCBS, 880am radio – yep, traffic and weather on the “8s.”)

As for musically-oriented pursuits and those accompanying 8s, for today, let’s take a look at music over the
last 55 years.

Here are a few for your review. (And hopefully, for your listening pleasure in the bargain.)

  1. “Eight Days a Week” (The Beatles, 1964)
  2. “Henry VIII I Am” (Herman’s Hermits, 1965)
  3. “Eight Miles High” (The Byrds, 1966)
  4. “Pieces of Eight” (Styx, 1978)
  5. “8 Mile” (Eminem, 2002)
  6. “Eight-Second Ride” (Jake Owen, 2009)
  7. “Eight Good Reasons” (Sinead O’Connor, 2014)
  8. “Eight Gods of Harlem” (Rosanne Cash, 2018; yes, that’s Johnny Cash’s eldest daughter.)

Sort of interesting that there’s a significant gap between the 1970s and current day.

It seems pretty random in terms of consistency/pattern in song titles over the years, but I guess that’s just
how it goes.

Be that as it may, there’s a lot to choose from this octet – everything from old rock ‘n’ roll to ballads to rap to country in this eclectic mix. Just perfect for an eclectic group like ours.

And I’ll bet you know most of these titles. But for those you don’t know (and for those with which you may be only vaguely familiar), why not give ’em a shot?!

Enjoy what’s left of day 8, my friends.

We will count down to “lucky 7” tomorrow.


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