Be My Teddy Bear

Welcome back to Winter Solstice Watch 2022 and our adventure together. And here we are at countdown Day 26. 

I guess it seems like the first few days move slowly, but once we get a week under our belt (next Monday!), I promise the goal will seem much closer and more attainable.

In the meantime, if you guys are feeling like you need a pick me up of sorts, why don’t we lean on some history – and those who helped shape it – to get the works moving again?
So, let’s work around our tryptophan overload, keep away from the Tupperware for a while (at least until later tonight!) and take a page out of this guy’s book.
What’s that you say? You’re not sure?
OK, how about this instead? “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
Or maybe, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”
Are ‘ya with me??
Here’s another: “If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor.”
Still no good?…
OK, no sweat. I know all this is a bigtime info overload. (And also, please don’t worry. Promise that we’re done with all the jokes about over-stuffed turkeys and
overfed people, etc!)

As for the above, those words come from a real fighter and opportunist – a versatile and rallying leader. This is a guy who has been celebrated and imitated and and often playfully lampooned for the better part of a century and a half.

You guessed it; we’re talking about Theodore Roosevelt Jr., the 26th POTUS, with nicknames ranging from The Hero of San Juan Hill to the Lion to Teddy (which apparently he hated, but the then-turn-of-the-century press liked the way it sounded, and the name sort of stuck) and yes, eventually to the Teddy Bear.

History tells us that Roosevelt was never short on hyperbole – nor on bombast! – but he was adored by many. (PLEASE NOTE: Putting Theodore Roosevelt Jr. in our countdown is completely and utterly A-POLITICAL! We’re just talking history here, folks. Promise that it’s nothing more than that. ?)

In any case, the man who served two presidential terms, was – and still is –  the youngest person ever to sit in the Oval Office. (Officially, John F. Kennedy was the youngest U.S. President ever to be elected and ultimately inaugurated at age 43. Yet, T. Roosevelt, who was sworn into office in September 1901 when then-President William McKinley was assassinated, was about six weeks shy of his 43rd birthday when he first took over.)

OK, gang. There’s what I hope are some useful Cliff’s Notes for you on Day 26 of our continuing countdown.

And while we may not have ‘ol Teddy around today to physically lead the charge up the many different hills we may face in life, maybe we can lean on his memory to make sure we taste the flavor of it.

Until tomorrow, my compadres.



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