Short Stories

Fish out of Water

You ever stop and think about how many U.S. states you’ve visited? Yeah, you know what I mean. You think of all 50, and then you start counting. (And if

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Mess Hall Blues

It was a few minutes after evening muster formation when it hit. My platoon sergeant bellowed the command to fall out, and as calmly as possible, I double timed it

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Little Bingo

15 May, 1979… They played only once every spring. The squad from Bailey Academy and the local boys from Derry High School played just seven innings every May to determine

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Electives 101

Quiet Conversation. That’s what they called it. Everyone knew it was really just a social hour, even the teachers. But that didn’t stop every eighth grader in my junior high

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El Rey

Three days before my 33rd birthday, and I hustled down 5th Avenue, toting my briefcase. It was like most weekday summer mornings in the city. I had waited on the

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