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American novelist Anne Lamott once wrote, “Very few writers know what they are doing until they’ve
done it.”

So, like any writer, while I am surely a perpetual work in progress, I do have some thoughts and ideas worth reading. And it’s my honor to share some of them with you; I hope you’ll visit.

The Den of Fallen Heroes



If you close your eyes and think of a song you enjoy, or even better, a song that suddenly rekindles the memory of someone, long since – or even temporarily – forgotten, you’re in the right spot! Please feel free to navigate around this section, and let me know what you think. Sometimes finding that “grist for the mill” largely depends on the feelings and thoughts of others.

A Son Never Forgets

                                                            … A Son Never Forgets Read More »

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Get Down, Get Up: Tales from the Roadway

Just about a week or so after the last pitch of the World Series is thrown, and the last out has been recorded, New York City will once again be … Get Down, Get Up: Tales from the Roadway Read More »

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Who’s Your Billie Joe?

  When I was 12 years old, I started buying 45 rpm records. The record store that sold them was in the next town over, and they had just about … Who’s Your Billie Joe? Read More »

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Pinging Our Way Towards 2021

Hi again, all. Just want to put a quick capper on our shared adventure of the last month or so. Knowing we’re all here, trying to slug it out together, … Pinging Our Way Towards 2021 Read More »

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You’re Still the One

Hey!! Just a few short hours away from reaching the goal we set 4+ weeks ago. Maybe it’s just me, but somehow it seems like the countdown means a whole … You’re Still the One Read More »

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Mano a Mano a las Tres en Punto

Hey, guys. And we’re right there; just two more days to go. There’s certainly a lot we can say about “2,” but for today, let’s think more in terms of … Mano a Mano a las Tres en Punto Read More »

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I Can Be Your Hero

Happy Friday, my compadres! Hope it has been a good week. As tough as things may have been in the stretch of this year, we are most certainly in the … I Can Be Your Hero Read More »

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Four and Twenty Blackbirds

Evening, friends. What up? Here in the NYC area, we just got pounded by nearly a foot of snow. So, I’m thinking it’s about time we all closed our eyes, … Four and Twenty Blackbirds Read More »

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