American novelist Anne Lamott once wrote, “Very few writers know what they are doing until they’ve
done it.”

So, like any writer, while I am surely a perpetual work in progress, I do have some thoughts and ideas worth reading. And it’s my honor to share some of them with you; I hope you’ll visit.

The Den of Fallen Heroes



If you close your eyes and think of a song you enjoy, or even better, a song that suddenly rekindles the memory of someone, long since – or even temporarily – forgotten, you’re in the right spot! Please feel free to navigate around this section, and let me know what you think. Sometimes finding that “grist for the mill” largely depends on the feelings and thoughts of others.

Where Have You Gone, John Milner?

In late June 1972, I had just gotten out of school and was preparing for my summer, replete with ball playing, bike riding and a monster mix of kick the … Where Have You Gone, John Milner? Read More »

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I Hear a Symphony

Evening, gang. OK… (I’m thinking this may be a bit of a weird one, but I hope you’ll consider indulging me for a few minutes.) So, while I’m definitely a … I Hear a Symphony Read More »

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Put on Your New Shoes

Do you think 1980s pop star Bonnie Tyler ever thought about the impact her “Holding Out for a Hero” might have on personal reinvention? Remember that hit song? (If not, … Put on Your New Shoes Read More »

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Who’s Your Billie Joe?

  When I was 12 years old, I started buying 45 rpm records. The record store that sold them was in the next town over, and they had just about … Who’s Your Billie Joe? Read More »

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