Dream a Little Dream of Sixteen

Welcome to Day 16!

When we think of “16,” music is really top of mind, right? (Hey, even today’s headline is on loan from The Mamas and the Papas!)

The marriage between the number 16 in popular music and everything from coming-of-age stories to lover’s laments to Happy Birthday wishes is widely celebrated.

Just check out the following to see what I mean:

1 Sixteen Tons Tennessee Ernie Ford 1955
2 Sweet Little Sixteen Chuck Berry 1958
3 Sixteen Candles The Crests 1958
4 Sweet Sixteen B.B. King 1960
5 You’re Sixteen Johnny Burnette 1961
6 Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen Neil Sedaka 1961
7 Only Sixteen Dr. Hook 1975
8 Sixteen Iggy Pop 1977
9 Sixteen Again The Buzzcocks 1978
10 When You Were Sweet Sixteen  The Fureys (with
Dave Arthur)
11 Sixteen Blue The Replacements 1984
12 Sweet Sixteen Billy Idol 1986
13 16 Forever The Nomads 1987
14 Sixteen Years Tina Arena 1997
15 I’m Sixteen Dolly Parton 2016
16 Sixteen Ellie Goulding 2019

(I’ll even throw an additional one in there, an honorable mention if you will. Let’s go with Ringo Starr’s 1973 cover of “You’re Sixteen.”)

Hope you enjoyed that stroll down Memory Lane. Music is truly a big part of our overall fabric, and it’s always a kick when we can take time out to embrace it.

Enjoy the rest of the evening, and remember that tomorrow gets us to day 15 – the official half-way point!

Keep in the game, friends.





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