Dion and The Belmonts + 14 = Ringo Starr + 2

Good evening, people.

Spotlight is on 16; and we’re another day closer to pay dirt!

As for our pal, 16, here are a few fun facts:

1. Sixteen is recognized as the number of perfect completeness.

2. Sixteen is the “Tower card” in the Tarot card world.  (And drawing that card usually means something new or moving on to something totally new.)

3. British linkster, Lee Westwood, is currently ranked 16th on the PGA Tour.

4. Tennessee became the 16th U.S. State in 1796.

5. Hall of Fame MLB pitcher, Whitey Ford, wore number 16 with the New York Yankees from 1953 to 1967.

6. This versatile number also allows you to grasp the wisdom it takes to appreciate both the spiritual and analytical parts of yourself.

7. Fourteen years after Dion and The Belmonts scored a big hit with “Teenager in Love,” Ringo Starr released an eponymous album that featured his version of the hit song, “You’re Sixteen.”

Getting a little late here in the East, my friends.

But when you rise and shine tomorrow, you’ll be halfway home.

Sweet dreams, gang.



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