Perfecting Sealing Wax?

Evening, friends.

And suddenly the countdown is below 20! (Let’s not forget that people of ancient civilizations didn’t have any legit means of keeping time, so the sun – or lack thereof, as we all currently know too well! – was really the whole world to them.)

That said, let’s celebrate all those intrepid souls who chased the sun. And when we do get to 21 December, let’s be sure we celebrate them, too.

And while we’re at it, let’s talk about a famous 19 – a “19th” to be more accurate. (C. Hoags, if you’re out there, brother, you had to know this might be on the menu!)

If I were the betting sort, I’d surely say that I’d never expect to see a 77 1/2-year old man regularly lighting up marquis music venues. And how wrong I’d be.

Maybe it’s just me, but if watching Mick Jagger do his thing doesn’t make you want to hit the StairMaster (if your gym is currently open, of course), then I don’t know what will.

For today, let’s harken back to Mick and company’s early days, their US tour in 1965. So spent was Dartford, England’s favorite son, that after five weeks, he confided in a rock journalist that he told his band mates: “We had just done five weeks hectic work in the States and I said, ‘Dunno about you blokes, but I feel about ready for my
nineteenth nervous breakdown.”

You could look it up. (-;

Take care out there, everyone. And remember we’re in this together!


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