Romantic Sparks (and Metrics) Fly

Welcome back, gang!

We’ve arrived at countdown day 21 and the last day of November. We’re moving along, people, so let’s stay ready.

Ready for what, you may ask?

Well, our first film review of the countdown for one.

(And for what it’s worth, I can’t claim this idea as my own. That distinction goes to my younger daughter, Sam, who discovered this cinematic gem some years ago.)

What’s Your Number? (2011) (Based on Karen Bosnak’s 20 Times a Lady, 2006)

Oft-jilted and recently-unemployed Ally Darling (Anna Faris) needs to turn things around. Tired of her work (when she is actually working) and unlucky in love, she vows to hatch a plan to right the proverbial ship before it’s too late to be happy.

Things seem to be moving in the right direction for a day or two, but then she stumbles onto an eye-opening magazine article – one that claims that 96% of all women who have had 20 or more lovers are unlikely to ever be happily married.

Bound and determined to prove the article wrong, the resourceful Ally (hilariously portrayed by Ms. Faris, Lost in Translation, Take Me Home Tonight) aims to track down all of her former flames (of which there are 19, just one shy of the Maginot line) to see if somehow one of them may emerge as a keeper.

Helped along the way by her love-’em-and-leave-’em musician neighbor Colin (Chris Evans, London, Not Another Teen Movie), Ally scours the greater Boston area, solely focused on flipping the script on her somewhat tainted past.

And her latest problem? Colin, a soulful, but self-styled lothario is suddenly making her rethink things. And the more time she spends with him, the less concerned she becomes with reaching the dreaded magic number.

So consider giving What’s Your Number? a shot. It features moments of hilarity (of which there are many!) and includes some unexpected sentimental touches, too.

So, another day in the books, my friends.

Stay tuned for tomorrow and day 20.

And in the meantime, in the words of Suzanne Collins, “May the odds be forever in your favor.”

Night all,

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