Show Me Some Heart! (By the numbers, of course.)

Greetings, compadres.

Hope the weekend went well for all of you, and that you’re looking forward to a breather – along with some good eats, some more time with family (even if you feel like you may have had way too much of that already!), and perhaps some Thanksgiving Day football.

And speaking of football (and specifically some of our heroes of yore), I would like to sing the praises of a personal favorite.

So for today’s countdown, just 28 calendar days away from our goal, let’s celebrate
a famous #28.

(Those of you who know me well will confirm that the New York Mets baseball club provides me with more than enough agita throughout most of the calendar year. But what fun would it be if I didn’t suffer along with other teams, too, right?)

That said, I give you the New York Jets. Now need I say more, people?…

No matter, though. And as one of my dearest friends always reminds me (keeping in mind that this is the same guy who nearly decapitated me in celebration – just beneath the low-hanging blades of a ceiling fan – during a ball game back in the mid-1980s!), when those bad times do finally end, the joy associated with eventual victory will be more than worth it.

So, as for my personal gridiron hero, let’s take a moment to acknowledge Curtis Martin, longtime NY Jet running back.

There’s certainly no doubting the esteemed Mr. Martin’s incredible talent as an athlete, but don’t you get the feeling that this particular guy was somehow a lot more than that?

I mean there were plenty of guys who were a lot faster, a lot bigger, and there were certainly plenty of running backs who were drafted ahead of him.

Yeah, I know that the bottom line is – and should be – about winning, but you need only to read up on Martin a little to realize that there’s way more to this guy than records and trophies.

Even then, and to confirm an impressive list of on-the-field accomplishments, Curtis M. was named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year (1995), led the NFL in rushing yards (2004), was selected to five Pro Bowls, and he was also named the recipient of the Bart Starr Award (2006).

Additionally, his number 28 was eventually retired by the Jets, and he was elected to the NFL Hall of Fame in 2012.

So, even if heart and will may not always buy wins, I would argue that every winning team needs to have a Curtis Martin-type on it. Or plain and simple, it just won’t be a winner.

It’s like someone famously said, I guess:

“If you can’t outplay them, outwork them.”

Read Martin’s story, and I think you’ll see what I mean.

OK, all you sunlight chasers, shall we plan on reconvening tomorrow?

When we do, we’ll be less than a month away.

So, hang tough until then.



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