Take-Me-Back Tuesday

Evening, my friends.

And welcome to the two-week mark. Hello countdown day 14!

With just a fortnight left, what do ‘ya say we pile into our makeshift time machine (yes, please play along with me; I’m working on having a real time machine for our final countdown week!), and take the clock back 14 years. Fourteen years…Find your bearings and remind yourself where you were in December 2007.

I know it’s a while ago, but I know, too, that you can find your focus. Take yourself back nearly a decade and ½, and try to see “the you” that you were then.

I know that we’ve done this – or something like it – over the past two weeks, but like they say, “Just see it before you do it.”

What happened back then? What events from that year stick out for you? If you could hop in that time machine, what would you do differently? Anything?
Nothing at all?

If today is really our “take-me-back Tuesday,” what are we going back to?

I’ll try to help us along a bit, but I’m ‘gonna need your help, too.


1. NASA launches the Phoenix Mars Lander, allowing for a detailed analysis of the soil on the red planet.

  1. Violent thunderstorms, known as “supercells” tear through Alabama, producing large hail and multiple tornadoes.
  2. Rupert Murdoch acquires Dow Jones & Co. (which includes The Wall Street Journal.)
  3. Gordon Brown becomes the new British Prime Minister.
  4. Adapted from the Cormac McCarthy novel (©2005), two years later No Country For Old Men wins the Oscar for Best Picture, with Best Supporting Actor honors going to Javier Bardem for his chilling portrayal of Anton Chigurh, a Rasputin-like homicidal maniac terrorizing rural Texas.

Does that help?

Can you use some of those landmark events to jog your memories of the past?

For fun, let’s make a pact that we’ll always try to remember such things. Try not to think of it as looking back; somehow that always seems to carry a
negative connotation.

Instead, let’s think of it in terms of how we started today’s countdown – taking our opportunity to hop the time machine, revisiting and hopefully appreciating our shot at a second go-round.

Have a great night.


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