Then There Were 30

Hey, gang!

Welcome to the 3rd annual Winter Solstice Countdown.

For those of you who are joining us for the first time, it’s great to have you. If you’re tired of watching it get dark at 430pm, you’re now in good company. Yeah, like Lionel Bart once wrote, “Consider yourself part of the furniture!”

As for our returning readers, welcome back to our shared solstice adventure. I missed all of you, and I’m eager to start the journey towards 21 December.

For all you newbies, this is how it works: We’ll count down the thirty days before the winter solstice, stopping at various places along the way.

Just follow the numbers as we count down from 30. We’ll talk facts, lofty dreams and did you knows?, all on our way to the prize – the flip of the earth’s axis, the return of daylight and Winter Solstice 2022.

As always, I’d love it if we can make this as interactive as possible.

Sure, I’ll steer us through and will do my best to keep you entertained and focused on our shared goal. But none of this works without all of you.

So, let’s do this, yes?

Today is Day 30, and we’re already headed in the right direction. Here’s to all of us.

Welcome to the beginning of  the beginning.


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