Twenty-four Ways to Test Your Knowledge

Greetings, friends, and welcome back to another round of countdown fun.

In keeping with the plan to try to make our time together more interactive, I thought it might be a good time for a quiz. Yeah, I’ll come up with the questions (24 of them in fact, all multiple choice), and you guys can show me how much you know.


OK, let’s get started. (Before we do, though, I’ll promise you two things. 1.] In keeping with our “everything under the sun” mentality, our little quiz will feature questions from any and all disciplines. 2.] None of the questions, though, will relate to politics or religion. Truth is that I’m not sure I know enough about either, and maybe this isn’t the place for that stuff anyway.)

That said, here are your 24 multiple choice questions. Good luck.
1.) Who recorded “Don’t Change” (1982)?
A. Oingo Boingo
B. Style Council
D. Laid Back

2. Which one of these was NOT one of Christopher Columbus’ sailing ships? 
A. The Nina
B. The Santa Maria
C. The Pinta
D. The Pequod

3. In the 18th century nursery rhyme “As I was going to St. Ives,” how many people were actually going there? 
A. 2802
B. 49
C. 1
D. 343

4. Who was the last American astronaut to walk on the surface of the moon? 
A. Frank Boorman
B. Gene Cernan
C. John Glenn
D. Pete Conrad

5. Which one of these NFL teams has never played in a Super Bowl? 
A. Carolina Panthers
B. Atlanta Falcons
C. San Diego (currently Los Angeles) Chargers
D. Detroit Lions

6. Hall of Fame ball player Joe Dimaggio holds the record for most home runs and the fewest strikeouts. Who is second? 
A. Ty Cobb
B. Mel Ott
C. Yogi Berra
D. Rocky Colavito

7. Who wrote the stage play Waiting for Godot?
A. Eugene O’Neill
B. Harper Lee
C. Samuel Beckett
D. David Mamet

8. (Here’s a two-parter.) During the 2017 Broadcast of the Oscars (for films released during 2016), a clerical error caused the award presenters to read off the wrong title of the Best Picture winner. 
PART 1: What film was initially declared the winner, and which film actually won?
A.  Fences/Manchester by the Sea
B. La La Land/Moonlight
C. Arrival/Lion
D. Hacksaw Ridge/Hidden Figures 

PART 2: What two award presenters suffered the embarrassment of announcing the wrong winner.
A. Chris Rock & Will Smith
B. Meryl Streep & Candice Bergen
C. Warren Beatty & Faye Dunaway
D. Josh Brolin & Diane Lane

9. How many pecks in a bushel? 
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

10. Who wrote The World According to Garp?
A. John Irving
B. James F. Cooper
C. Thomas Pynchon
D. Elmore Leonard

11. In which years did the Crimean War take place?
A. 1745-1747
B. 1902-1905
C. 1853-1856
D. 1803-1906

12. Who portrayed Sister Bertrille in the Flying Nun (1967-1970) ? 
A. Brenda Vaccaro
B. Anita Bryant
C. Donna Reed
D. Sally Field

13. Who won the Men’s 800 meters at the 1972 Olympics in Munich Germany? 
A. Dave Wottle
B. Alberto Juantorena
C. Al Oerter
D. Gerry Lindgren

14.  Who was born Yvette Marie Stevens?
A. Charo
B. Connie Stevens
C. Chaka Khan
D. Marilyn Monroe

15. Which one of the following is NOT in the United States? 
A. The Salton Sea
B. The Isle of White
C. The Turkey River
D. The Columbia River

16. What was the name of the baseball pitcher, born without a right hand, who tossed a no-hitter for the New York Yankees? 
A. Pete Gray
B. Dave Dravecky
C. Jim Abbot
D. Lou Costello

17. Which of these explorers was given credit for discovering the Pacific Ocean? 
A. Vasco Balboa
B. John Cabot
D. Ferdinand Magellan
E. Jonathan Swift

18. What is the tallest mountain in the United States? 
A. Algonquin
B. Mount Rushmore
C. Mount McKinley
D. Mount Saint Elias

19. Who recorded the 1974 hit novelty song “The Streak?”
A. Jim Stafford
B. Slim Whitman
C. Ray Stevens
D. Michael Locorriere

20. Which of these cities is recognized at the exact midpoint of the United States? 
A. Lebanon, Kansas
B. Joplin Missouri
C. Lincoln Nebraska
D. Fowler Colorado

21. Which of these U.S. cities has the most people? 
A. Minneapolis, Minnesota
B. San Antonio, Texas
C. Las Vegas, Nevada
D. San Jose, California

22. Who wrote The Sound and the Fury (1928) 
A. Alfred E. Neuman
B. William Faulkner
C. Anne Tyler
D. Ernest Hemingway

23. Who became known as the hero of El Alamein?
A. Lewis B. Puller
B. Colonel Sartoris Snopes
C. Bernard L. Montgomery
D. Norman D. Cota

24. Complete the lyric from the 1971 song of the same title, “Me and you and a dog named ____. 
A. Hugh
B. Chi
C. Boo
D. Lou

OK, gang.

Thanks in advance for participating.

I’ll post the answers on both Facebook and Linkedin some time on Wednesday, 29 November.

See you soon,


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