And then there were 30…

Welcome, friends.

Yes, welcome to day #1 of the journey – our journey toward the shortest day of the year. Right out of the gate, it doesn’t exactly sound like an all-expenses-paid lark to Disney Land, now does it?

But don’t worry. Every day that passes by over the next 30 means we’re that much closer to thinking about daylight after 5pm! (As I confessed in a recent post, this has kind of been both my joy and my burden over the past several decades. What ever gets you through, right?)

Hey, speaking of 30, what do you think of when that number pops into your head? Thirty seconds? Thirty minutes? Thirty years? I guess it’s hard not to think in terms of time these days.

Man, remember those first few weeks back in mid-March? It’s like we were all being forced to watch that scene in Risky Business in some sort of maddening, continuous loop. (Yeah, the one where Tom Cruise is convinced that the clock at school is moving backwards.)
So, what’s up with 30 anyway?
“Relax, will ‘ya? You’ll get your money in 30 days.”
“You’ve got exactly 30 seconds to catch your train!”
How about “ESPN’s 30 for 30,” maybe?
“Was that really 30 years ago?”
Paul Simon decided on “Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover” to tell his story. Jesus, I guess 30 just wasn’t enough, huh?? (For fun, listen closely to the lyrics of that song. Unless I’ve missed it, he really only talks about four different ways. You can check it out.)
OK, my compadres, pumpkin time for this old man.
I want to sincerely thank all of you for the visit, and I look forward to seeing you again on Day 29.




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