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Number One Fan

And here we are, our final day together. Funny how it all works, huh? Pretty simple maybe, but you define your goal, and then you spend your time trying to

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Mutt and Jeff Make Good

Good evening, striders. (You’re damn right we’re all striders. Hey, we got this far together, right?) So in the spirit of maintaining – even lengthening – our collective stride, let’s

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Royal Matman

Hi, everybody. Welcome to the first day of our final week. By the time most of you head off to dreamland on Monday night, we can start thinking of our

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Ya Gotta Remember

Hello, friends. (Yeah, I had to do just one Jim Nantz salutation. I promise I won’t subject you to another!) Hope you’re all well, realizing that with each sunrise we

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The Ninth Configuration

Welcome back! And…welcome to our first single-digit day of the countdown!! (Man, can you tell that I’m psyched about this?! Hope you guys are, too. (-:) It has been a

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