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Take Me Back

Evening, friends. Welcome to Day 23 and our first mini-milestone. Yep, that’s one week down (after today/tonight) and only about three weeks left to go. So, the title?…Don’t worry, we

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Music and Lyrics

Evening, gang. The end of the Thanksgiving weekend brings us to Day 24. I’m sure everyone’s a little tired from too much food, ‘lotsa family and football, etc., so I’ll

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All-Twain Team MVP

Evening, gang. and welcome to countdown Day 25. Tonight, I’m ‘gonna go off the board a bit and shake things up some. Nothing too crazy, mind you, but I think

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Be My Teddy Bear

Welcome back to Winter Solstice Watch 2022 and our adventure together. And here we are at countdown Day 26.  I guess it seems like the first few days move slowly,

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500 Years and Counting

Evening, all you solstice seekers. We’re at the four-week mark, and that gets us one step closer. I’m thinking that some sort of past and future game might be ‘kinda

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Then There Were 30

Hey, gang! Welcome to the 4th annual Winter Solstice Countdown. For those of you who are joining us for the first time, it’s great to have you. If you’re tired

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