Bullhorn Bravo

Hi again, fellow daylight dreamers.

Welcome back to the countdown and Day 19.

Hey, how about something a little different for today?

Yeah, let’s go down to the Lone Star State, and see what’s going on down at the “D” Ring. (That’s cowboy speak for both ends of the
ring at a rodeo.)

Though I’ve been to Texas twice (once when I was 19), I’ve never actually been to a rodeo. (Man, except for maybe a pony ride or two, I’ve never even been on a horse.)

But when it comes to a fascination with things I know next to nothing about, rodeo clowns are usually in the conversation.

Those fearless dudes in the multi-colored face paint could just have one of the most dangerous jobs ever created. If the bull rider is in danger, a rodeo clown could represent the difference between life and death.

The first rodeo clowns appeared in the early 1920s, and back then their primary function was largely comedic, keeping the crowd into the riding events, shooting off fireworks and generally adding fun to the rodeo experience.

By the 1970s, though, the comedy aspect of things had virtually disappeared, and rodeo clowns soon became among the most fearless and vital athletes in the entire sports world. If you’ve ever watched a bull riding event and seen the riders tossed around and sent flying through the arena ring, it’s the rodeo clowns who are completely in harms way.

These athletic, fearless men wear bright, loose-fitting clothing, specially designed to tear away, confusing the bull and distracting him from the rider. Additionally, that same loose-fitting garb features protective gear underneath.

And the history of the bull riding circuit tells us that rodeo clowning is anything but a boy’s club.

Amarillo, TX native Dixie Mosely became the first lady rodeo clown as long ago as the late 1940s. Mosely clowned for more than 12 years and was inducted into the National Rodeo Hall of Fame in 2003, Oklahoma City, OK.

OK, gang, time to call it a night.

Catch you tomorrow.


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