Fabulous Five: Far-Reaching, Formidable, Frenetic, and INTERACTIVE

Good evening, all.

Thank you for joining me on countdown day 5.

As per the above, with so many of us running in different directions, I know the idea of interactivity may not fly right now. But I’m hoping we can take a shot at it anyway.

We are definitely within shouting distance of the finish line, and I say we give it a go!

Any takers?

OK, for anyone who’s in, let’s get started.

Who can give me all the related 411 on the song lyrics below?:

“…Oh you get me ready in your ’56 Chevy.
Why don’t we go sit down in the shade?
Take shelter on my front porch.
The dandelion sun scorching,
Like a glass of cold lemonade…”

(Obviously, you can just hit up Google, and you’ll quickly have your answers, but if you think you may know it, please play along. )

1. Song title
2. Recording artist
3. Name of the album on which the song first appeared
4. Year released

And while you’re thinking about that, here’s some more stuff:


  1. The pattern of five dots on a die, a domino, and on some playing cards is called
    a quincunx. (QUESTION: And for a quick trivia ort, there is a novel (published in the late 1980s, taking place in 19th-century England) called The Quincunx. Who wrote it?)
  2. Five is a Fibonacci number.  (Think of a series of numbers in which each number ( Fibonacci number) is the sum of the two preceding numbers.  So for our pal, 5, the two previous Fibonacci numbers 3 and 2, when added together = 5.  (And for all you knowledge-seeking sorts, go visit:  http://gofiguremath.org/natures-favorite-math/fibonacci-numbers/fibonacci-number-patterns/ for additional information.
  3. The Cincinnati Reds (formerly the Cincinnati Red Legs, yep the team that beat the 1919 “Black Sox” way back when) have won five World Series Championships, most recently back in 1990.  They managed to defeat the pre-Moneyball Oakland Athletics in a sweep, 4 games – 0. (QUESTION: Prior to the Reds’ most recent World Baseball Championship, can you name the last team to accomplish the same feat? And for bonus consideration and a mention in Winter Solstice Countdown 2020’s trivia circle of excellence, who swept who in that season, prior to 1990?)
  4. Since we have talked a pretty good amount of music over the last month or so, how about recording artists with the number “5” in the name?  1.) Five for Fighting; 2.) The Five Stair Steps; 3.) The We Five; 4.) The Jackson Five; 5.) Maroon Five [QUESTION: I know you guys can do better than that. SO, WHO
    DID I MISS?]
  5. When it comes to numbers and planets, let’s talk Mercury.  (The only thing I really know about Mercury, other than that it’s the first planet out from the Sun, is that the sun doesn’t ever rise there.  Not sure I see the logic, given where Mercury is parked in the solar system, but I’d love some more facts on that if anyone is so inclined.)  

As for the number five, though, with regard to Mercury, Hermes, largely recognized as the Greek god of wealth, luck and travel, was the god most associated with the planet Mercury.  He was the messenger of the gods and he wore winged shoes to help him travel quickly between them. Hermes was very intelligent, gathering bits of information here and there, while playing tricks and occasionally, the lyre. And rumor has it that five was his lucky number. And hence, it became the charm for all those who believed in him.

So, I guess my advice would be if you see some dude with winged shoes, who looks like he might be particularly agile (and, of course, is also partial to shape shifting!), hightail it to the closest OTB. Just place a bet on horse number 5 to win. (It could be our man, Hermes, in disguise!)

[In the spirit of interactivity, and if you’re up for it, please send me your answers. Feel free to send them to me on FaceBook (I’m listed as “John Louis Fischer”), or on Linkedin (listed there as “John L. Fischer”), or simply send me a message here on Www.JohnLFish.com . The website has a field where you can type questions, send a message, etc.]

Stay well out there, gang.


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