Four Your Consideration


Well, just four days left, my compadres. Three days and a wake-up. and we can hit the reset button. ?

I feel like it has been a little while since we talked music, so how about a review of some all-time favorite quartets? Yeah, four of the top fours in any order plus your one top tune from each respective quartet.

Here’s me:

  1. The Doors (“Crystal Ship”)
  2. Credence Clearwater Revival (“Run Through
    the Jungle”)
  3. The Beatles (“Across the Universe”)
  4. Queen (“Radio Ga Ga”)

As we continue along the final straightaway, I hope you’ll share your faves with me.

As always, please ping me on FaceBook, Linkedin, or on cell/email.

Make it a great night, and I’ll look forward to seeing you
all tomorrow.


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