Field of Threes

Hello out there, all my fellow sol seekers. Oh, only about 75 hours to go. (Yes, we’re now talking in terms of just hours!)

All of you may have heard about things happening in threes – both good and bad.

Surprise to no one, we’re ‘gonna focus on the former.

So, please take a look back with me about 20 years to a small country road in the middle of Eastern Iowa.

I’d read the book, seen the movie and believed in the magic, but I was still a little skeptical, as my rental car crept down the hardscrabble roadway.

When I arrived at the top of the driveway, the graying sky was trying to clear, but the steady mist just kept falling.

I continued down the driveway towards a small white house, and then I saw it. The baseball field – the “field of dreams” – was right there in front of me. Despite the misting rain, I got out of the car. Not a soul anywhere. A damp, but balmy September morning in Dyersville, Iowa, and I’m all alone in a quiet cornfield.

But then, the annoyingly steady rain began to stop. And suddenly, as if someone took an industrial vacuum to the sky, the clouds parted, and the sun fought its way out. And in the third of those three good things, a large commercial bus came driving right by me and headed towards the white house at the top of the gravel driveway.

As I walked towards the baseball field, the big bus hissed to a stop, and immediately, another set of hopeful threes was being formulated.

As the doors swung open, three young boys (brothers, maybe?), all wearing number 3 baseball jerseys came charging out, running towards the baseball field. Directly behind them came some 60+ additional passengers. And suddenly, I wasn’t
alone anymore.

After I walked around the field for a while, surrounded by that happy bunch, that busload of fellow dreamers, I decided to buy something from the gift shop, a gift for my then-baby daughter. I picked up two things, a small T-shirt and a scarecrow wearing a baseball cap. The cost? How about $33.33. (Honest, I still have
the receipt!)

Getting back in the car, I drove back up the now sun-splashed road, heading for Iowa Highway 3 West, continuing my adventure in the Hawkeye State.

So, let’s remember all of the good stuff that can happen in threes.

And let’s get ready for the flip of the script that is now clearly in sight.

Have a great night,


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