Tempus Fugit (X) 2

Hello out there, all my patient ‘peeps.

Welcome to the penultimate countdown day of Winter Solstice 2022! That’s right, come 448p, Eastern Standard Time (EST) on Wednesday, 21 December, we all become loyal fans of Dick Fosbury (see Www.dickfosbury.com for a quick 411), flip-flopping our way to the other side of things. Stay focused, my friends; we’re more than close!

In the meantime, I’d like to briefly lean on a cliche that’s kind of tired. (But hey, if it weren’t tired, it wouldn’t really be a cliche, right?!) The thing is, though, it’s all too true.

And more often than not, if you lean on Latin, so to speak, you’ll decipher the English equivalent in
very short order.

So, “Tempus fugit” or “Time flies.”

Sure, there are times in life when time just can’t fly fast enough, but for the most part, it’s more a reminder that while the days can sometimes be longer than we’d like, the years go by quickly – sometimes in a virtual blur.

Take those two beauties, pictured above, for example.

Not that I’m that much different than a lot of dads (you know, proud of my girls, love hanging out with them, etc.), but that split-image picture just says it all when it comes to the words “in a blink.”

And speaking of cliches, I think there are plenty of them when it comes to our kids.

Things like, “Well, you’ll never believe how much you will love them.” Or “You’ll feel like you can just watch them sleep for hours.” Or my personal favorite, “The thing that makes you the most special – that sets you apart from everyone else – is/are your children.”

I think I figured that last one out a long while ago now, but I still make sure to remind myself, pretty
much every day.

I look at that split picture, and I know that no matter how much I may want it, I don’t get to have the one on the left back again. I guess the trick then (at least for me) is to make every day count – to somehow stay in step with those two in the photograph on the right.

So, if they’ll let me, my plan is to spend every day reminding them that even if time does have to fly, at least I can try to figure out a way to sprout wings and try to keep up.

That’s a promise.

?In other news…and then there was one (1)! ?

See you tomorrow, gang.




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