“One” Is NOT the Loneliest Number

Hi again, gang.

So, here we are. (And as above, and with all due respect to Three Dog Night’s “One,” today it’s far from lonely!)

Yep, the goal is just round the bend, we’re right at the doorstep, nothing can stop us now and for all you golfers, we’re an easy chip shot from the green. ? (Feel free to add your favorite expression, denoting proximity
right here.)

Not sure about all of you, but I’m already relishing not waking up in the dark! (Yeah, we’ll need to give it a little time, but before you know it, we’ll soon be walking around without reflective clothing after 5pm!) Baby steps, maybe, but these are our baby steps, my friends.

For today, I thought we’d take a quick look back to where we’ve been along our journey. Hopefully we mixed things up enough along the way to keep the train moving, while we’ve kept our eyes on the proverbial prize.

And given that what makes this engine run is/are eyes – yeah, lots of ’em, sharing in our journey! – here’s a quick look back at the days that have led up to this moment.

(I’ll post another reminder, but if you have friends out there who don’t mind playing some catch-up, I’d love it if they’d join our true celebration tomorrow.)

So, here are some quick hits, a quick look back (in ascending order from 30):

Day 30. Welcome to the beginning of the beginning! Our journey to solstice satisfaction started here.
Day 29. A final elegy for those 29 lives lost on the Edmund Fitzgerald, 1975
Day 28. A look back at events from the last five centuries, all in the year “28”
Day 27. The NYPD and the odd case of the 27th Precinct
Day 26. An homage to the 26th POTUS Theodore “Teddy Roosevelt,” celebrated leader of the Teddy Bear charge
Day 25. Acknowledging the captain of the All-Mark-Twain-Tough-Guy team, celebrated on any and all days
Day 24. Neil Young’s healing life lessons from Broken Arrow Ranch, Half Moon Bay, CA
Day 23. Twenty-three and you – 10 watershed events taken from the archives
Day 22. Days at the Double-Deuce bar and the efforts of a crusading cooler known only as “Dalton” to keep the peace and get the girl
Day 21. American distance runner Gary Bjorklund’s gutsy one-shoed performance in the 5,000 meter Olympic qualifying race, 21 June, 1976
Day 20. The 411 on 20/20 vision and the truth about Mr. Magoo
Day 19. A look at nineteen different musical malapropisms from Marty Robbins to The Who to Michael Jackson and a whole lot of misheard lyrics in between
Day 18. Five fabulous 18-year-olds who accomplished great things well before their time
Day 17. Pets are as much a part of the family as are any of us.
Day 16. For the teenager in you, a list of 16 songs across six decades
Day 15. The story of an act of stupidity so beyond measure that you must take time to read it. (And, oh yeah, bring your backpack!)
Day 14. Rehashing some memorable life events by age – from age four to fourteen and so on, right up
to present day
Day 13. The art of giving up caffeinated coffee with tried and true methods that may make for a calmer coffee-drinking experience
Day 12. Carpe Diem personified, a tribute to a warm-hearted tough guy who made all of us better people
Day 11. Breaking down 11 different movie reviews, all in the “tombstone” writing style
Day 10. If you could shorten the classic “Twelve Days of Christmas,” which verses would you consider
editing out altogether?
Day 9. An attempt at explaining the meaning of “dressed to the nines” and the mysteries surrounding the frequently used expression
Day 8. A guest writer extols the virtues of School House Rock and all of its valuable out-of-
the-classroom teachings
Day 7. Lucky seven and a reliable human lucky charm
Day 6. A short list of destinations you might make time to see on your own mini tour of the world
Day 5. Radio communication by the numbers
Day 4. Four classic rock and roll bands and their respective hit songs
Day 3. The Field of Dreams is real; I’ve seen it.
Day 2. My two fabulous daughters – then and now
Day 1. One more wake-up left!

And may I introduce today’s guest stars, my family, our Countdown Day 1 poster boys + girls. (Pls see accompanying picture.) We all wish you early congratulations on getting to our shared goal. ???

See you tomorrow for our official celebration. Please don’t miss it!



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