Long Day’s Journey Into Light!

Good morning!

And a hearty congratulations to you all!!

This morning and throughout today, I hope you will join me in celebration. And as for the heading of “Thank God for small favors,” I think today belongs near the top of the list.

You know that I do everything I can to dwell on the positive (probably to a fault sometimes), but despite my windmill-chasing ways, I get that it’s a far cry from Utopia out there most days.

That said, my special thanks to all of you for helping me keep all of the good stuff top of mind. And like you, I’ll be hoping and praying, crossing my fingers and toes and throwing a pinch of spilled salt over my left shoulder – anything to keep up the general positivity and keep the train moving in the right direction.

As for the title of today’s post (and with all due respect to Eugene O’Neill), this is the payoff we’ve all been waiting for, my friends. Please savor it.

And as for all of you, I’ll miss our daily meetings, but with some luck, I’ll still have a few ideas here and there that will be worth sharing. So, please come and visit me here anytime. Conversely, I’ll plan to post any potentially worthwhile musings up on FaceBook, Linkedin and the like, moving forward.

Thanks so much to all of you for giving up your time for me over these last few weeks. It means everything.

Oh, one last thing…Just for fun, let’s make a pact that come that first perfectly sun-splashed day sometime next spring, we’ll all remember today.

Come 448pm Eastern Standard Time today, we can flip that script.

And speaking of flipping, just a few more hours and the Earth’s axis will do its thing, sending us back on the road to better days.

Until soon, gang.



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