ID Me in Eleven

Hey, friends.

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend, gearing up for the holidays, while keeping your eyes on the prize.

As I always say – or try to say – “Thank God for small favors.” As for all of us, our shared prize – no matter how small – is well within sight now. And I thank each of you for hanging in with me these last three weeks or so. I really enjoy hearing from so many of you. (-:

As for today, I’m thinking we go with a “Who am I?” type of deal.

Yeah, I’ll throw out some info in the form of clues as to someone’s identity, and you guys do the guessing. (For you old-school TV fans, let’s call it our version of What’s My Line?)

I’ll provide 11 questions, and if you’re interested in playing along, you can see how many clues it takes to ID our famous guy/gal.

Given that I’ll plan to list all 11 questions, you’ll have to be on the honor system, in terms of how many questions/clues it takes you to figure out today’s mystery guest. Then, I’ll post the answer on the bottom of tomorrow’s (Day 10’s) countdown, and we can see how we all did.


Before we get started, just wanted to thank each of you again for your interest in our shared adventure. I’ve heard from so many of you – on various social media channels – so I hope you know that your participation truly lifts me. Thanks especially, for helping will me along when I find myself a little more tired than usual!

OK, here we go:

  1. I was born in 1914.
  2. I was born in Norway.
  3. I went to the University of Oslo (Norway), studying both geography and zoology.
  4. My early work focused on how inhabitants of remote areas of the Pacific reached the islands.
  5. Trying to prove my theory that Polynesians may have originated in South America, my five-man crew and I set out to sea from Peru, final destination just east of Tahiti.
  6. The trip took more than three months (101 days total), and we covered more than 4,000 miles.
  7. The boat we sailed in, the Kon-tiki, was made of nine balsa wood tree trunks, tied together with hemp rope.
  8. Despite crashing into a reef near the end of the journey, my crew and I reached land on August 7, 1947.
  9. I later authored a book about my adventures in 1950 that was later turned into a documentary.
  10. My first name is the same as a hammer-wielding god, the god of thunder.
  11. My last name is spelled He_er_d_hl, and I died in 2002 in Colla Micheri, Italy.

Not too bad, I hope. (Hey, you guys are a smart bunch, so I can’t make these little quizzes too easy.)

As above, if you’d like to play along, please send me the name of today’s mystery guest, and let me know how many questions it took to ID him/her. (Feel free to send it to me via Facebook, LinkedIn or even via text or email if you have my info.)

I’ll list the correct answer at the bottom of tomorrow’s countdown day page.

Catch up with you all tomorrow for Day 10.


@Copyright 2023 by John L. Fischer

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