I’ll Meet You Halfway

And hello, 15!

Now that we’re just a fortnight and a day away from the prize, let’s talk some specific dates. And let’s start with 15 years ago today:

6 December, 2005 – “Pit Bull” (born Armando Christian Perez) quickly moves up the charts and establishes himself as a legit music TV megastar.

Or how about we go back a little further?:

6 December, 2002 – “The Bachelorette” star Trista Rehn (age 31) weds Ryan Sutter (age 29) at The Lodge in Rancho Mirage, California.

Who’s to say what the real deal is with this sort of stuff, but apparently the still-happy couple are married with two kids!

And we can always jump around some if you want:

6 December, 2009 –  Eventual well-known film actors Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig perform in the final stage performance of A Steady Rain on Broadway.  (The play, written by Keith Huff, follows the journey of two Chicago police officers who inadvertently return a young boy to a man claiming to be his uncle.  And let’s just say that Jeffrey Dahmer had nothing on this guy!)

And some more still:

6 December, 1995 – The late Michael Jackson collapses while rehearsing for an HBO Special.

And finally to a hope for salvation:

6 December, 1979 – Actor Nick Stahl is born in Harlingen, TX.

(OK, the above is a super-oblique reference, but I bet some of you will still figure it out!)

Enjoy the waning hours of the weekend, and please pat your collective selves on the back; you all made it to the official halfway point.



PS Regarding today’s subject line, while it’s certainly accurate in terms of our countdown, if your 1970s pop music acumen is on point, you can probably add a second half to that title to recreate a famous 1971 lyric. (Need a hint? Now that we’re officially in the Holiday Season, in the fabled
“Twelve Days of Christmas,” what did the singer’s true love receive on
day one?)










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