The You You Know

Welcome back, people.

Hope the holiday week is treating everyone well thus far.

I’ve spent some time last night and today racking my brain, thinking about some ideas for us. (What was it that Dirty Harry Callahan said? “A man’s got to know his limitations?” I guess I tend to be in denial sometimes when it comes to such things, but I’m working on it.)

That said, let’s do this one together. Sure, facts and numbers and remembrances have their place in our countdown, but for tonight, let’s just talk “us.” And we’ll go from there.

So, right about now, you might be thinking, “OK, I’ll play ball…But why 28?”

Don’t worry. My answer isn’t complicated.

To me, 28 seemed like it was one of the ages when you started assessing things, started asking yourself some of those oft-dreaded questions?: “Am I happy doing what I’m doing?” “If this really isn’t my thing, then what should I do instead?” And my personal favorite, “Where do I see myself in five years?” (And for any younger readers out there, this stuff may not mean much to you. At least not yet.)

I try real hard – not just here with you guys, but in my regular day to day – to avoid making blanket statements and sweeping generalizations. I mean what’s the point, really? (Like I said, I try. I don’t always succeed.)

All those questions like the above are certainly part of the overall deal, but they don’t define you. Your notion of yourself – who you think you are and maybe who you want to be – isn’t part of some known formula; it’s not meant to represent a score on the IALAC meter. (IALAC is one of those acronyms I learned when I was a kid, and I guess I never forgot it. It stands for I Am Loveable And Capable, and maybe we can have some fun with that topic in a future thread.)

Anyway, the bottom line on all this stuff is that what I think doesn’t really matter.

And in terms of those potentially dangerous “sweeping generalizations,” I will say that anyone who tells you they haven’t asked themselves, at least, some of those questions at pivotal points during their lives, or they don’t worry about where they’ll be tomorrow, or in five years, and they don’t have any “what ifs” or “if I had only(s)” or regrets of any kind, is probably a liar. (Or to be more diplomatic about it, maybe we can say that those people are probably just lying
to themselves.)

As canned as it is, the “You do you” mindset always seems a solid practice. And the “you” that you are shouldn’t matter to anyone but you. There’s a lot to trip on there, but I’m hoping you know what I mean. (-:

Have a great night, a better tomorrow, and start priming that appetite for a festive Thursday!

With countdown day #28 now headed for the rearview, when you awaken tomorrow, we’ll have less than four weeks until the highly-anticipated event. (Hey, can we call it the “Solstice flip?”)

Let’s chat about that tomorrow.




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