Even Then, Bono and Company Knew Sky Was the Limit

Evening, all.

And welcome to countdown day #29.

Given that it seems to be getting progressively colder in the Northeast, who’s up for making a trek to California?
Any takers?

For all of you out there with some measure of wanderlust (and I’m betting that’s just about every one of you), let’s play that game. (Yeah, the one where you close your eyes, point to a place on the map, and then just go there.)

So for our purposes tonight, let’s head out towards San Bernardino County, CA and visit Twentynine Palms, home of Joshua Tree National Park.

Yes, for all  you U2 fans, that’s the place that inspired the album of the same name, released March 1987. The park – one of seven national park units in the region – is named for those same bizarre-looking trees that adorn the liner notes of that iconic album. And even though it has been 3 1/2 decades, close your eyes and picture that album cover, four future Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members, somewhere deep in the Mojave Desert.

And what trip to the desert would be complete without big dreams and lofty thoughts? With that it mind, I’d say it’s lucky for us that Twentynine Palms is also home to The Sky’s the Limit Observatory and Nature Center, site of some of the most scenic desert landscapes in the entire world.

So, now that we’ve added Twentynine Palms, CA to our travel profile, what’s next?

Let’s discuss that – and other wonders – tomorrow on countdown day 28.




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