Welcome Back!

Greetings, gang!

And welcome to the third annual Winter Solstice Countdown.

If you’ve already been onboard in the past, please join me in channeling John Sebastian and an erstwhile TV theme song, circa 1975. (Yeah, that one.)

For you first time readers, especially those of you who are already tired of watching it get dark at 430pm, you’ve come to the right URL! This is countdown day #30, the beginning of the beginning, as it were.

This is the place where we celebrate the journey from darkness into eventual light. (Perhaps something of a microcosm of our slog over the last year and ½, huh?)

And when we get to the end – a lot like the midpoint of any long trek – we can celebrate the move in the other direction. Together, we can start building a collective smile of satisfaction, as we watch the ever-increasing daylight and the sun rays hitting at just the right angle to eventually warm up our hemisphere.

That spinning orb we’re all standing on just keeps spinning. And while we may not always love our Earth’s many twists and turns, its disappointments and heartbreaks, it’s like my grandma used to say:

“Hey, it’s the only one we’ve got.” (Yeah, pretty smart lady. And I promise we’ll get to her later on in the countdown.)

So, welcome to day 30. Thirty days left until we flip the switch.

As we move along in the countdown, if you guys are up for it, I’d like to make this as interactive as possible. If you have ideas and themes you like, please share them with me.

Please visit Www.JohnLFish.com whenever you like, and over the next 30 days, please email me at JLFish51@yahoo.com.

Looking forward to hanging with all of you for the next several weeks.



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