‘Ya See What I Mean?

Yo, Yo, my brethren!

What’s good? (-:

In my never-ending quest to keep you all in good spirits, with a collective eye on the prize (yep, now less than three weeks!) , what do you say we talk about eyes? (Hey, it is Day 20, right?)

For how many years have people you know (yeah, especially those who are a little longer in the tooth than they might want to admit!) been claiming, “Yes, I have 20/20 vision.” (In fact, if they are fans of a fictitious, yet storied, boxer, they might even quip, “I see great. I see like a beagle or ‘somethin.”)

In any case, and by definition, the term “20/20″ vision refers to the general clarity of your eyesight from 20 feet away.

So, if we boil that down a bit, having 20/20 vision means you can see objects from 20 feet away without issue. And to break that down further, someone with very poor vision – let’s say as bad as 20/100 – would only be able to see things from 20 feet away as well as those with 20/20 vision can see from 100 feet away. (20/100 vision would be pretty off the charts on the low end. In fact, I’m thinking that even  Mr. Magoo might
have stronger peepers!)

That said, having 20/20 eyesight doesn’t necessarily mean you have perfect vision. (As above, the examples we used equate to distance vision only.) Other important sight variables would be peripheral vision, depth perception and the ability to see colors. (For example, you can have 20/20 vision but still be colorblind. In that scenario, if you wanted to become a pilot, let’s say, your inability to discern color(s) would surely keep you grounded.) 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some people claim to have vision as strong as 20/5. Studies show, though, that unless those folks were living in an aviary, those numbers just don’t hold up! (Yeah, maybe some birds out there can brag about having 20/5 vision, but those kinds of ratios really aren’t in sight for we mortals.)

On that note (yep, re: that especially week pun!), please allow me to wish you all a
good night.

We hit the teens tomorrow, gang.

Can’t wait. (-:








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